Book Cover Making Process:

→Send me a message (details in the About + Contact page). I’ll get back to you within 24 hours, and we can discuss what the cover should look like based on what the book is about, character descriptions, genre and overall tone of the book

→ I’ll make a few mockups and send them to you. We can discuss which one you like best and all the changes we need to make to it

→ Then I’ll send you the improved mockup, and you decide if it’s cool, or if we need to edit again

→ This is where you make the payment. Then I (or you, if you prefer) buy the stock image, and I finish up the design. Finally I’ll send you the High Quality file and an invoice! Voila!


services sheet

Click Here if you want a plain text version!

If these are beyond your budget, get in touch and we can work something out!

All payments via PayPal only 🙂 ♦

Why is this pricing suspiciously cheap?

If you’ve shopped around for artists you KNOW most artists charge at least 100USD. These artists are also professionals, have either had formal graphic design training and/or work in the design industry. Their prices are what they deserve.

I on the other hand am a hobbyist graphic designer. I have had no formal training– I picked this up for a college club and I learned things on the fly. I have a full time job doing something completely different. This is just a sidegig that I do because I love design and this lets me flex my artistic muscles every so often. These prices aren’t a scam– My portfolio and testimonials say as much. I really just want to help out newbie authors who don’t have the means to splurge for a cover. This is also why I say if you need something cheaper I can accommodate. If your artistic vision is beyond my scope, I will tell you so and recommend other artists who can do a better job. If you have any concerns always feel free to get in touch!

When working with me:

  • I reply to emails and inquiries within 24 hours. Guarantee.
  • It takes me 2-4 weeks to finish one job. Hand lettering commissions may take a little longer. I do not do rush covers, sorry. (If you know exactly what images you want to use though, it will go quicker)
  • 100% open to discussion and suggestions. I’ll try my best to accommodate all your expectations (I reserve the right to refuse certain suggestions if I think they may not look good, though.)
  • Will edit the covers for you later, if you need anything changed (like you need to add a series title or you want the blue of the sky to be a bit more blue or something) for free.

If you like what you see, head on to the About+Contact page to get in touch!

Or just email me at, and we can get started 🙂